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Zook offers several series of inshore rods fine-tuned to the needs of Louisiana anglers, fly rods, as well as tuna/offshore rods.   Every rod is hand crafted in the workshop with attention to detail and craftsmanship that you just don't find in mass produced rods.  Custom builds are also available, and if you can dream it up, Zook Rods can probably make it for you.  If you just want an excellent rod that has been assembled and crafted by hand right here in Louisiana, we have great selections that have been honed down to perfection via countless builds and input from anglers. 

Inshore selections include the LS and Noir series, featuring super sensitive and light blanks that excel as speckled trout rods while also maintaining plenty of power to deal with the inevitable Louisiana bull redfish. The MT and III series feature lightweight blanks with great backbone for hook sets on redfish and bass, and plenty of sensitivity for trout fishing.

Fly Rod selections include an 8wt rod that is perfect for targeting redfish, and custom build options from 2wt to 12wt, in 2 piece or 4 piece configurations.

Tuna/Offshore rods include the Epic 224 and the Heavy Tuna 200, created with input from charter captains in Venice, Louisiana that target big fish for a living.


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