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The Zook Story

Born and raised near Bayou Teche in Port Barre, LA, I’ve always enjoyed fishing and being outdoors. After eight years in the Navy as a submariner, I met and married my wife, Linda, in St Augustine, FL where we lived for 25 years.   Once my wife and I made the decision to move back to Louisiana, I knew I wanted to do something within the fishing community.  We gave ourselves 5 years:  “The 5 Year Plan” as my wife and I referred to it, and set it all in motion to move back to the state known as Sportsman’s Paradise.  After a brief round with making bait – the heat and smell were just too much – I started researching rod building. I watched videos, read articles, viewed tutorials and finally purchased what I needed to make the first Zook fishing rod.  As anything new, there was trial and error, but that’s exactly what guided me.  I stayed off the radar, except for making rods for family and close friends. Five years later we moved to Southwest Louisiana just on the outskirts of New Orleans.  Shop was set up; family & friends spread the word; business cards were left on trucks in parking lots, and the phone started ringing.  With each new customer, captain and team I build for, I continue to grow and learn as a rod builder but there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. 

Brent "Zook" Wyble

Check out some photos of Brent at work in his shop:

Photos by Scott Myers Photography