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Fishing Team

To showcase the craftsmanship and quality of Zook rods, we have assembled a crew of avid anglers along the gulf coast and beyond.  Aside from promoting our brand, these anglers are the main forces behind the evolution of our designs and the testing of new products.

matthew roberts


Mathew Roberts was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. An 8 year Marine Corps veteran, Mathew has made 2 combat deployments is also a former law deputy with Livingston Parish Sheriff Department. Mathew is also the husband of Ashley Roberts and the father of 4 amazing kids. Lukas (17), Farrah (15), Renee (11), and Jax (6). Mathew grew up fishing in southern Louisiana and has dedicated his life to helping other veterans like himself enjoy the benefits of kayak fishing.


josh beebe


Raised on the waters in Southwest, Missouri, Josh Beebe started fishing by wading nearby rivers and creeks. During his adult life he found interest in kayak fishing because of the abundance of rivers, streams, and creeks. Kayak fishing offers an isolated feeling and an opportunity to fish where not most cannot reach and like any sport kayak fishing presents different challenges than on a conventional boat.

While new to the tournament kayak fishing scene, Josh has placed in the top 10 five out of six times in the Ozarks Anglers Tournament Trail during the most recent season. He also fishes the River Bassin Tournament Trail where he will be testing his skills against the Nation’s best river fisherman during River Bassin Nationals.

Josh has a strong desire to preserve local waterways and promote conservation for all animals and because of that his experience and dedication to the sport has grown strong over the span of five years. He is an ambassador for Ozarks Smallmouth Alliance. This allows Josh to share his desire for fishing, river awareness, and the hard fighting smallmouth bass. He has devoted his time and money to ensure the smallmouth bass stays in the local rivers, streams, and creeks.

Josh hopes to grow the sports of fishing and kayaking by attending and presenting on the topics. Currently, Josh resides in Nixa, Missouri with his son Cylas. He has raised Cylas the way he was raised by still visiting and wading through the Ozark Waterways. When they are not fishing Josh and Cylas enjoy hiking, discovering new rivers, and watching football.


Terry Pham



My name is Terry Pham, born and raised in Gretna, Louisiana.  As the son of a local commercial shrimper, I grew up loving being near the water.  My parents were immigrants from Vietnam and survival was our main priority so this meant recreational fishing was not an option.  The more I worked on dad’s shrimp boat, the more curious I became about fishing.  Then one day around the age of 16, I decided I’d cross restricted boundary, rod and reel in hand, and decided to go fishing!  That’s when I became fond of fishing and my passion for fishing flared!  Taking what I’ve learned from working with my dad, watching tips from videos and putting time on the water, I began to improve my fishing skills and improvised techniques that worked well for me to find and land my fish.  Last year, I ventured into kayak fishing since having a boat wasn’t a feasible investment just yet.  With courage on my side, I entered into several kayak fishing tournaments so I could gain some experience in the challenge.  With each tournament I entered, I became a better tournament angler and blessed to win fist place in Ace in the Hole tournament in 2018 that Red Bone Fishing put on. Besides my passion to fish recreationally and competitively, I also enjoy mentoring kids on how to fish.  


Jeffery Oliver


As a young child, Jeffery’s passion for fishing was ignited on the wharf at his family's camp off Lake Pontchartrain where he’d fish for green trout for hours on the weekends. His interest grew when his dad bought a boat and would take him to fish in the nearby lake.  By the time he was 13, his grandfather bought him a small boat so he could independently explore the marsh behind the camp. In 2005, early in his high school years, an abrupt move to Virginia presented him with a new challenge to learn to fish the Potomac river and creeks for Smallmouth bass. He returned to New Orleans for college in 2009, and his interest in fishing intensified to an almost daily habit to learn and master the techniques of fishing for speckled trout and redfish.

After fishing almost every bank spot in southeast Louisiana he purchased a kayak and resumed exploration of the Louisiana marsh. Now, he continues to fish several days a week from his kayak or his bay boat in an effort to continue to improve as an angler. Fishing has always been competitive for him, and it has been a natural progression to enter tournaments. Jeffery has held multiple top finishes in kayak and boat tournaments including:  2014 Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club top bag - First Place , 2017 Inshore Fishing Association kayak championship - Second Place, and 2017 Anchor Management Trout Shootout - Second Place. When not tournament fishing he enjoys exploring the variety of species of Louisiana and learning the techniques to catch them.

You can follow along with his fishing progression on his YouTube Channel: FishxScale https://www.youtube.com/user/12jpoliver